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Scuba masks

Scuba masks allow one to view the vast underwater panorama available to the skin diver only. The variety of sights range from fish and sea mammals to dazzling coral reefs. Masks are made in a variety of styles and colors. The most important considerations when buying a mask are comfort, lasting seal, field of vision, comfortable snug-fitting nose pocket, and the silicone straps and fasteners.

When purchasing scuba masks two of the most common ones found are the three-pane and four-pane lens. On the three-pane lens the front piece is a single window with side panel lenses to allow one to see left and right. A four-pane mask is divided in the front pane and includes the right and left side pieces. Some divers prefer the three-sided lens because the frame of the mask doesn’t block their vision while looking from side to side.

Scuba masks all have different shapes of the nose pockets. This is where the mask fits underneath the nose to give a water-tight seal. The pocket cushions and protects one’s nose while keeping the mask from fogging up during a dive. They also help maintain equalization. A snug nose pocket will allow the diver to purge his or her mask efficiently.


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