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Scuba diving gear

When one considers a dive computer as part of their scuba diving gear several things are essential:

• Buy a name brand and consult consumer guides.
• How easy is the battery to change?
• Will the computer handle gas mixes other than just air?
• Are buttons oversized, spaced apart, and easy to press while wearing gloves?
• Can one upload dive data from their dive computer to a PC?
• Does the computer have decompression management and a “time to surface” option?

Wet suits are the most sensible items for temperature protection in scuba diving gear. These suits are inexpensive and easy to use. They are usually made from neoprene which is synthetic rubber foam. This foam is filled with thousands of tiny gas bubbles. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer a diver will be although wetsuits are uncomfortable if they are too thick. To offer the best protection, a wet suit should fit the diver snugly.

If one is diving in cold water, a diver should consider a special piece of scuba diving gear. This special piece of equipment is the dry suit. Dry suits are normally made out of crushed neoprene, vulcanized rubber, heavy-duty nylon, or foam neoprene. Dry suits have wrist seal, a neck seal and a waterproof zipper to help keep the diver warm. For additional warmth, a diver may elect to wear underwear beneath the dry suit.


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